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Hawaii Family Life offers down-to-earth, real-life experiences

and suggestions for traveling with your little and not-so-little ones.

We get it. Like many families, we have a love-anxiety relationship with children and traveling. We love the travel and we love the kids but we know that traveling + kids may sometimes require a different kind of planning. Is that show/luau/tour age-appropriate for my 1/10/15-year-old? Can my 3-year-old hike that trail? Is there anything to do with a baby in tow? Does it make sense to bring my stroller/baby carrier on this tour?

These are the questions we relentlessly google-searched too so we know that family-to-family recommendations are valuable tools while planning your Hawaii vacation, stay-cation, or a trip to the beach!

Hawaii Islands and Travel Guides

We’ve compiled information on different islands.  Hope you enjoy your stay in Hawaii.

Our Highlights

Some of the tours stand out more than the others.  Here are some of the highlights of Hawaii Tours.

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Top Things to do In Oahu Hawaii

1. Swim in the world famous Waikiki beach

The world famous Waikiki beach is famous for a reason and if you have come with family members who don’t really swim, this will give you options for both the novice and the expert swimmer.

2. Walk up the Diamond Head trail

Check out the view from Diamond Head where it gives you a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Waikiki, downtown Honolulu, stunning shoreline, and the Windward-side of Oahu.

3. Visit North Shore Beaches for the giant waves

Ok, this comes with a caveat, the giant waves of the North Shore only come in winter time, but if you happen to be here, pull up a chair and just watch those colossal 20~30 foot waves crash to the shore, you’ll see a spectacular show of the power of the ocean.

Waikiki Beach with kids
Kids on Lanikai Pill Box

What We Offer…

Hawaii Family Life is a one-stop site for all things Hawaii + travel + family.

Whether your visiting Hawaii for the first or tenth time, an expat visiting Grandma and Grandpa with your mainland-raised kids, or a local family trying to figure out what to do for the weekend, we’re here to share all of our experiences with you and hopefully give you some insights of the dos and don’ts we’ve learned along the way. 


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The Best Adults Only Resorts in Hawaii

The Best Adults Only Resorts in Hawaii

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Should I Visit Maui in the Aftermath of the Wildfires?

Should I Visit Maui in the Aftermath of the Wildfires?

To be honest, this is currently a sensitive and controversial topic both within the islands and around the rest of the country. The bottom line and current official government and agency directive is that, outside the areas affected by the wildfires, Maui is open for...

Road to Hana – Places to Visit with Mileage Markers

Road to Hana – Places to Visit with Mileage Markers

The Road to Hana is a beautiful scenic drive that with approximately 64 miles along the northeastern coast of Maui, Hawaii. The journey is full of beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and rainforests. We listed the places that you'll want to stop by organized by...

The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii? For the best times to visit Hawaii, our picks are April, May, September, and October.  While there are many factors to consider -- such as specific activities like whale watching which is primarily available during the...

Hawaii Travel Restrictions

Hawaii Travel Restrictions

Due to COVID, many places throughout the world entered into travel restrictions and Hawaii took a little stronger stand, given that the more isolated location of Hawaii which makes it easier to control the incoming visitors. Also, Hawaii's high elderly population made...