Tropical Romance: Find the Best Island for Your Perfect Honeymoon!

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The Islands of Hawaii are an unforgettable place for those couples who are out seeking a lifetime’s worth of experiences. With the warm glow of the sun shining down on you as the two of you bask in the ocean breeze. Or the smell of the surrounding greenery as you embark on a grand hike. And numerous resorts to rest and relax in. Plus a variety of amazing restaurants that have delicious meals to partake in. Hawaii is the perfect place to do it all! All that’s left is finding out which of the islands truly fits you and your special someone.



The most popular island with fantastic attractions and the biggest city in Hawaii. A few nights here can be a wonderful experience whether you’re searching for beautiful scenery or a place to experience something fun and new. Head to Waikiki and take surfing lessons or canoe paddling at the beach or go and eat at top-tier restaurants in the city. Go on a hike on the Diamond Head Crater Trail, the perfect place to spend time and enjoy the scenery. Or if you want something a little more challenging, take the Kokohead Crater Trailhead. Although it may be a little shorter compared to the other hikes on Oahu, don’t underestimate this path with its steepness and sunny trail. There’s even the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail, which is one of the best trails to be able to go whale watching on the island! If hiking isn’t your style then travel up to the North Shore and enjoy the delicious food in the area. One of my favorite desserts is shaved ice, a must-have treat and especially good when sharing with your loved one.


If city life isn’t your style of honeymoon then Kauai is a beautiful place to relax and take it easy. Known as the Garden Isle of Hawaii, it’s a wonderful place to take in the environment and perfect for a leisure stroll. Perfect for exploring with its wonderous waterfalls and lush forests, it’s a magnificent place to truly be in a tropical paradise. Even the resorts on Kauai are filled with greenery of their own like the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort or the Hanalei Bay Resort. And if you want a challenge, go to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the Waimea Canyon, for an entire day’s worth of adventure.


Also called The Big Island, Hawaii is a massive island but far less crowded compared to Oahu. With the chance for the two of you to get close to an active volcano and bask in the erupting lava bursting from the island. Or go the opposite direction and climb the snowy summit of Mauna Kea and have a chance to gaze at the stars mixed with a wonderful view of the island. With even more activities like camping, ziplining, or deep-sea fishing. You can even go to the black sand beach, Punalu’u, with an actual opportunity to see wild sea turtles! There are all sorts of opportunities to make endless endearing memories in Hawaii!


Lanai is a special island that used to be a former pineapple plantation island and now it’s become the perfect remote resort. With all the activities of Hawaii with the untouched side of nature, Lanai is a great place to go to the beach and swim or even sail! Or you can hike through the tropical lands of the island and enjoy the surrounding environment in peace.


Although Maui has had it rough with the recent disaster, the island is open to visitors and tourists now more than ever. A perfect way to start your adventure here is by going to Mt. Haleakala, a 10,000-foot monster of a mountain with a breathtaking view. One of if not the best places to just stare off into the sunset and soak in the last of the sun’s rays. Then take the “Road to Hana” the massive scenic view wrapping around the island’s eastern coast. During the travel, make sure to stop by the waterfalls and forest hikes, and take in everything around you. If you ever get hungry along the road, there are food trucks at multiple stops giving you the perfect chance to rest and eat up before continuing your adventure!


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