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With 4 Kids, We Looked For Information On Places To Go With Them

We found information on a hike that was supposed to be toddler friendly.  Except about 15~20 min into the hike, we realized it certainly was not the case.  One side (slightly exaggerated, but not by much) was a cliff, and the path was moderately maintained with tree fallen down on the path from time to time, so we had to climb it around.  We ended up carrying the then 2 year old on our back a big chunk of the time.  With that experience, we though others family could use that information.  Slowly but surely we started to compile information and started to put it here. 


We are Lym and Faith.  As we mention on the home page,  we have a love-anxiety relationship with children and traveling. We love the travel, we love the kids but we know that traveling with a family may sometimes require a different kind of planning. Is that show/luau/tour age appropriate for my 1/10/15 year old? Can my 3-year-old hike that trail? Is there anything to do with a baby in tow? Does it make sense to bring my stroller/baby carrier on this tour?

But, we had a pretty hard time finding relevant information. So, we started to take pictures and document a lot of the trips and shared on Facebook and with family and friends, especially now that we were living in Hawaii, many started to “visit” us and asked us for suggestions. This lead to the idea of having our own blog where people can get the information we had to search everywhere for.  When we search for travel with kids to Hawaii, we actually see more information out there, and that’s a great thing.  We hope to add to the information out there with our experience and perspective, so that your Hawaii visit (or Hawaii living for Kamaaina) will be more complete.  

Thanks for visiting the site and we hope you found the information you were looking for.


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