The Best Adults Only Resorts in Hawaii

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The Best Adults Only Resorts in Hawaii

Looking for an Adults-Only resort in Hawaii?

The only true adult-only resort in Hawaii is Hotel Wailea on Maui.  They call themselves “MAUI’S ADULTS-ONLY LUXURY GETAWAY”.

Coming at a close second is Sensei Lanai, a Four Seasons Resort.  Located in Lanai, the hotel is open to guests ages 16 and older.  So, you will find an almost adults-only environment there.

Both resort hotels offer luxurious get away and you will not be disappointed in either resort.

Let’s take a little deeper dive into the two resorts.  Also, you may be fine with non-adult guests inside the hotel, but just want to make sure that there are some spaces for adults-only at the hotel, such as adults only pool, we’ve got you covered and provided information below.

Adults-Only Resorts in Hawaii

Hotel Wailea

If you are looking for a Maui’s all inclusive resorts for adults only this is the only hotel that is a true adults-only resort in Hawaii.

Maui’s Wailea area is a gem of Maui.

From Wailea beach, you go up towards Mauka-side (mountain) for a short couple of minutes and you will reach Hotel Wailea.

Tranquil lush 15 acres of beautifully manicured tropical greenery serves as a perfect canvas for 72 one-bedroom suites.  Each suite is spacious with 720 sqft with a separate bedroom and living areas, and kitchenette.  The resort provides almost 180-degree ocean views with a dramatic view of Haleakala mountains in the background.

You might have noticed from what we mentioned before that the resort is not directly on the beach.  If you are looking for a resort that is directly on the beach, then this hotel is not for you.  However, keep in mind that hotels on the beach will have a lot more hustle and bustle.

Hotel also has a fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles that help you explore the resort neighborhood, and of course a ride to the beach.  So, unless it’s a must to open the window and feel the ocean air directly, this resort gives you a perfect balance of remote getaway and world-famous beaches.

They provide beach valet services at Wailea Beach: featuring beachfront lounge chairs, umbrellas, bottled water, and beach towels.  For those who want to have some food handy for the beach, picnic baskets can be ordered from the restaurant.

There are a few package options where you could turn your vacation into basically an all-inclusive resort experience.

This adults only boutique hotel and resort is a top choice for couples to celebrate any special occasion.  A great option for a honeymoon or any time you want to relive honey moon 🙂

This is a popular destination for people throughout the world to enjoy a quiet luxury vacation and is often booked for 2~3 months in advance with just few dates available in between, so I would make sure to plan ahead.  On a side note, if you plan ahead at least 90 days in advance, there is a package option with 15% off with minimum of 3 nights stay.

Enjoy this beautiful resort!

Address is: 555 Kaukahi St, Wailea, HI 96753, United States


Sensei Lanai, a Four Seasons Resort

This resort is practically an adult-only resort on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.  The resort is open to guests ages 16 and older.  With artwork, yoga pavilion, gym, private spa, sanctuary, soaking tubs around nature garden, 25m lap swimming pool, poolside dining and refreshments, beautiful pon to relax and rejuvenate, many features that adults would enjoy to relax and recharge, but probably not so fun for kids anyway.

This resort is not a regular business hotel.  It is more of a retreat.  A wellness center where you can be rested and rejuvenated to take on the world again.  In fact, when I called the reservation line, the nice lady on the phone called it a “wellness center” – for a second I wondered if we were talking about the same hotel.

A staff will accompany you from Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye airport through a semi-private charter air service – this is included in your reservation cost – and then transport you to the resort on a 10-minute drive.  There is one-hour ferry option from Maui also.

The resort offers various packages that help you with different areas of your life such as fitness, golf, tennis, wellness, optimal health, resetting your mind, meditation, etc.  They are led by Sensei guides, Wellness Practitioners, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and mindfulness coaches and you’ll be working with various experts to guide you to reach the state of wellness you are looking for.

There are various activities off-site around the island such as horseback riding, snorkeling, clay shooting, electric mountain biking, and many others that you will enjoy also.

Sensei Lanai, a Four Seasons Resort address is: ONE KEOMOKU HIGHWAY, LANAI CITY, HAWAII 96763 United States


Best adults-only pools in Hawaii

In Hawaii overall you will have a little harder time finding adult-only locations (except for the obvious ones).  But, there are pockets where you can get away from the screaming neighboring kids.  Here is a small list of adult only pools that we found, and we hope it is helpful, but please let us know if you find and know ones that we should add to the list.  We absolutely love kids, but we also love some good adult companies and quiet times from time to time.

Adults-only hotel pools in Hawaii

  • The Modern Honolulu (Oahu) – Sunset Pool
  • Disney Aulani (Oahu) – Wailana Pool
  • Four Seasons Hualalai (Big Island)
  • Travaasa Hana (Maui)
  • Four Seasons (Maui) – Serenity Pool
  • Grand Hyatt (Kauai)

The Modern Honolulu (Oahu)

This swanky hotel does not disappoint with the Sunset Pool that is catered for adults.

The adult only Sunset Pool at the Modern Honolulu

The Sunset Pool at the Modern Honolulu

Disney Aulani (Oahu) – Wailana Pool

This Disney resort, believe it or not, actually have adult only activities 🙂 There is even a day care area where you can drop off the kids so that you can enjoy other activities.  Anyway, we are talking about a pool here and Wailana pool is a 1,500 sqft pool with a tension edge with full bars, island style bites, rock wall, and (relatively) quite area for adults to enjoy. One caveat – Aulani’s website mentions the pool is for all ages, so don’t be surprised if you see some kids hopping in.

Four Seasons Hualalai (Big Island)

2,500 sqft is a great option for an adult pool with a fantastic ocean view.  A swim-up bar is always a nice touch for an adult-only pool.

Adult only pool at the Four seasons Hualalai

Adult only pool at the Four seasons Hualalai

Hana-Maui Resort (Formerly: Travaasa Hana) (Maui)

The trip itself – road to Hana – or for some of you that like to go backward – backroad to Hana – is a trip of a lifetime by themselves.  Hana is a destination and a journey by itself with numerous waterfalls along the way and continuously beautiful and changing (not mundane like some roads that you travel where it’s beautiful, but beautiful the same way over and over) scenarios.  At the edge of Hana, therein lies Hana-Maui Resort (used to be Travaasa Hana resort).  This is another relaxation resort experience.  The pool here – an infinity pool overlooking the ocean – is for guests 16 and above is another location in Hawaii where you can relax and enjoy being an adult. This 74 year old property has been recently purchased by a developer and now is partnered up with Hyatt.  It will be exciting to see what new things they have planned for the gorgeous property.

Hana Maui Resort – Hyatt

Hana Maui Resort Adult Only Pool

Hana Maui Resort Adult Only Pool

Grand Hyatt (Kauai)

If you’ve been to Kauai, you know Kauai is a special island.  Lush tropical greenery is a paradise you dream of.  This pool is located farthest from the beach and it is elevated above other pools helping it be quieter.  Close by, there is a large activities pool with basketball and volleyball nets where if you are done with the quiet and being in an adult only area, you can scoot over to have some non-quiet moments again.

Adult only pool at the Grand Hyuatt Kauai

Adult only pool at the Grand Hyuatt Kauai

Four Seasons (Maui) – Serenity Pool

The true adults-only with 21 years of age and older requirement, the serenity pool is a oasis within this beautiful island.  The infinity pool offers a panoramic view of Wailea Beach.  With hot tubes and lounge chairs to relax and a swim-up bar, amenity-packed cabanas, and all these are out of the way from the family-friendly and possibly loud pools, and it truly gives you a chance to relax.  Complementary sunscreen the staff offers just at the right time is a added bonus.

Adult only the Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort in Maui

The Serenity Pool – Four Seasons Resort Maui


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