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Here is a list of tours and activities we think would round out your Hawaii vacation.  While we often enjoy exploring on our own, whenever we’ve added a couple of tours and extra activities to our trips, they’ve always had such a positive impact on our experience and our kids will talk about them forever!

We’re including tours and activities either we have tried personally or someone we know did and enjoyed very much. They were a boatload of fun and we hope they will enhance your Hawaii trip as well! Meanwhile, if something has changed or if you have a negative experience, kindly let us know so that we can reflect it on this page.

Some of the items here are affiliate links and when you book through our site then we will earn a small commission.  Some of the activities we don’t have affiliation with them, but we think they are worth the experience so we listed here.


Our favorite luaus are one in Polynesian Cultural Center, Ka Moana Luau at Sea Life Park Hawaii, and Toa Luau at Waimea Valley.  If you are on the west side area then a popular choice of Paradise Cove Luau might be a good choice for you.

We aren’t a big fan of Luau’s in hotels in Waikiki, BUT if you don’t have a plan to go on a long drive to north side of the island and want to experience Luau then good options are Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village or or Queens Waikiki Luau at International Market Place.  Queens Waikiki Luau takes place in the center stage area of International Market Place and it is an area where people who are shopping can also see the show, so it doesn’t feel as private, so if you are looking for a little more intimate experience then you may want to consider the one in Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Full day through night experience with cultural experiences

Six Pacific Island Villages

You get to experience six different pacific island cultures with engaging entertainment and/or activities.

Luau and Dinner

There is a Luau Buffet option and a regular Buffet option, both with great choices of food.  The last time we went to we did the Luau Buffet and we had a great time.  Their regular “Gateway Buffet” also has a great selection of food as well and if you don’t need additional entertainment at Luau, it’s also solid choice.

Evening Show

They have been featuring HA: Breath of Life show. 

We like to take people to PCC when people visit us.  We also like to go when they have a new show production (which is pretty rare).

We got the Alii Luau package option which includes all the things mentioned thus far and we had a great time.

Ka Moana Luau

Nice luau with ocean in the background. Takes place at Sea Life Park

Celebrity Seating is their VIP version of the Luau experience.

  • Adult (18+): $199
  • Youth (13-17): $179
  • Child (4-12): $159
  • Lapchild (0-3): FREE

More info here.
Direct Booking here.

Splash Seating is their deluxe version of the Luau experience.

  • Adult (18+): $149
  • Youth (13-17): $129
  • Child (4-12): $109
  • Lapchild (0-3): FREE

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Classic Seating is their regular version of the Luau experience.

  • Adult (18+): $129
  • Youth (13-17): $109
  • Child (4-12): $89
  • Lapchild (0-3): FREE

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Toa Luau

at Waimea Valley

They actually have an afternoon option for 1pm, so if a jetlag is a concern for you, it provides a nice option.  5pm is the other option.  They have three different packages.

  • Adult (13+): $115~175
  • Child (5-12): $195~145

Paradise Cove Luau

at Waimea Valley

Popular Luau in Ko Olina area.  A lot of locals also go to this Luau with their guests.   They have three different packages.

  • Adult (21+): $125~210
  • Youth (13-20): $105~185
  • Child (4-12): $90~160

Dolphin or Whale Watching

Frankly, when we went on a “dolphin tour” we didn’t expect much.  I guess we didn’t know what to expect.  Maybe we were thinking it’ll be like looking into an aquarium – cool for 1 minute, but what do I do for the next 59 minutes?  But it turns out it was one of the most memorable moments.  We saw dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of dolphins.  Constantly interacting with us jumping and spinning in front of us!  I was in awe multiple times and it was priceless to watch my kids having a blast watching these awesome , but looking at our little ones having a blast watching these awesome creatures.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same encounter as us, because nature will do what nature choses to.  But, I sure hope that you also get to experience something like that.  The tour that we went on is no longer available, so we’ve look for comparable tours.

Note: whale watching is only available from December to March, so if whale is a must then you need to plan accordingly.


Iruka Hawaii

Dolphin Watch & Reef Snorkel

Dolphins and You

Dolphin Watch

Dolphin Excursions

at Waimea Valley

Hawaii Nautical

West Dolphin Snorkel Sail

Other Oahu Tours and Activities