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We get it. Like many families, we have a love-anxiety relationship with children and traveling. We love the travel, we love the kids but we know that traveling with a family may sometimes require a different kind of planning. Is that show/luau/tour age appropriate for my 1/10/15 year old? Can my 3-year-old hike that trail? Is there anything to do with a baby in tow? Does it make sense to bring my stroller/baby carrier on this tour?

These are the questions we relentlessly google-searched too so we know that family-to-family recommendations are valuable tools while planning your Hawaii vacation or stay-cation.




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With 4 Kids, We Looked For Information On Places To Go With Them

We found information on a hike that was supposed to be toddler friendly.  Except about 15~20 min into the hike, we realized it certainly was not the case.  One side (slightly exaggerated, but not by much) was a cliff, and the path was moderately maintained with tree fallen down on the path from time to time, so we had to climb it around.  We ended up carrying the then 2 year old on our back a big chunk of the time.  With that experience, we though others family could use that information.  Slowly but surely we started to compile information and started to put it here. 

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We spend most of our time in Hawaii and we are currently travelling in East Asia.

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